In September 2007, Piper McKenzie appeared as one of many, many aspects of the project known as


We created an original piece under the title


Directed by Jeff Lewonczyk

And starring
Katie Brack as "Frissy"
Lily Burd
as "La Fanette"
Hope Cartelli
as "Kitty Pie"
Michele Carlo
as "Drop Dead Red"
Stacia French
as "Gertie the Governess"
Melina Gac-Artigas
as "Heidi Two-Legs"
Amantha May
as "Lola the Roma"
Robin Reed
as "Lady Esmerelda Snide"
Iracel Rivero
as "Maria de Sombra"
Elizabeth Hope Williams
as "Ashlin the Irish Terror"
Amanda Woodward
as "Sure Bette"

As one of several dozen performances featured as part of this once-in-a-lifetime environmental-theatre-cum-art-installation street-based performance spectacle, our crack squad of girl bruisers kicked each other's asses on the streets of Manhattan amongst the cream of New York indie theatre, and then embarked upon an elegiac procession amidst the madness. We had a blast, and even got our picture in the New York Times!



(all non-Times photos by Ken Stein)
More explanation and archival goodies to come...