Written and performed by DEVON HAWKES LUDLOW

JUNE 20-29, 2003

Over the past few years, America has seen a return of the paranoia and conservative conformism of the 1950s, when the realization first dawned that a nebulous but deadly enemy had the power to obliterate us all.  FALLOUT FOLLIES, a Postapocalyptic One-Man Variety Show, represents an attempt to make light of the current culture of duct tape and fear.

Set in the aftermath of an imaginary nuclear holocaust, FALLOUT FOLLIES takes place in an underground bunker, where the last man on earth must keep himself entertained in order to survive.  Despite the bleakness of the setting, FALLOUT FOLLIES is essentially a clown show, in which the unnamed main character fights doggedly against boredom and despair to affirm the powers of fantasy and imagination.  The character staves off his brutal loneliness by creating companions out of his survival equipment, presenting puppet shows, and choreographing absurd dances to pass the time.  Drawing upon Cold War nuclear propaganda, the cultural mythology of the 1950s, Peruvian puppetry, commedia dell'arte and modern dance, FALLOUT FOLLIES is a darkly comic fable of mankind's ability to adapt to even the bleakest of situations.