Piper McKenzie and The Brick Theater, Inc. present
Piper McKenzie's Dainty Cadaver

PIPER McKENZIE'S DAINTY CADAVER is an Exquisite Corpse-style playmaking project in which multiple playwrights collaborae on a single work without knowing what the hell the others are doing. Each writer reads the previous scene, writes a new scene and passes it on to the next writer - who doesn't see any of what came earlier. Beautiful madness ensues.

After a sold-out run in 2011, Piper McKenzie returns with one-night-only performances of three completely new plays written in this unique collaborative style, with results ranging from inspired chaos to eerie synchronicity – all tied together by the unique voices of 18 hot playwrights, to be staged by three intrepid directors!

TEAM A: Fri 2/3, 8pm

Joshua Conkel (MilkMilkLemonade)
Adam Scott Mazer (Death Valley)
Timothy McCown Reynolds (The Lycanthrope)
Laura Rohrman (Reporter Girl)
Trav S.D. (Willy Nilly)
Jen Silverman (Crane Story)

TEAM B: Sat 2/4, 8pm

Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons (All I Want Is One More Meanwhile)
Nina Mansfield (Clown Therapy)
Chance Muehleck (LIVE/FEED)
Roger Nasser (Roger Nasser Is the One-Man 10-Minute A Streetcar Named Desire)
Adam Szymkowicz (Nerve)
Temar Underwood (The Lady Drug Dealer and the Heist)

TEAM C: Sun 2/5, 3pm

Gyda Arber (Red Cloud Rising)
Julia Barclay (Besides, you lose your soul or the History of Western Civilization)
Nat Cassidy (The Eternal Husband)
Tim Errickson (Endless Summer Nights)
Marc Spitz (P.S. It's Poison)
Leah Nanako Winkler (Flying Snakes in 3-D)


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575 Metropolitan Ave.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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